Culinary Products

Capjem has developed several products that will take the worries out of everyday life.  This line of No Worries! products are designed with a healthy life style in mind. 


No Worries! allows you to partake in your favorite foods without the use of sugar, salt, or gluten.


Experience the life you want with No Worries!


Listed below are products developed by Capjem:



No Worries! No Sugar!™

Obesity is in the news daily and with rates higher now than they’ve ever been in this country, and the sad impact it’s having on our precious youth, the push is on to come up with a way to satisfy the sugar craving in an enjoyable, responsible and non-harmful manner.


With No Worries! No Sugar!™, now you can have your cake and eat it too without worrying about putting ANY sugar into your body.  All foods, beverages, and baked goods can be enjoyed without sugar while still maintaining the sugary sweetness and taste.  No Worries! No Sugar!™ functions exactly like sugar in look, feel, taste, function, and use.   


As a 1:1 replacement for sugar, you will be hard pressed to tell the food you’re enjoying contains NO sugar.  Perfect for diabetics, health conscious individuals, or anyone else wanting to kick the sugar habit. This is the only product on the market that acts and reacts just like sugar in your food.  Unlike other sugar substitutes, No Worries! No Sugar!™ has no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste, is a healthful alternative to refined sugar, and functions just like the real thing.  Enjoy the sweets without the worries!  Try No Worries! No Sugar!™ today and see for yourself!



No Worries! No Salt!™

Salt (Sodium) intake is a huge issue for people around the world.  Excessive sodium intake has been blamed for water retention, high blood pressure, and heart issues - just to name a few.  Living healthier means reducing your daily sodium intake.  No Worries No Salt!™ has been scientifically created to mimic the flavor enhancement abilities of salt (sodium chloride) without any of the health issues.  Current salt replacement products on the market today have a metallic or bitter aftertaste and do nothing to enhance flavor of food.  No Worries No Salt!™ functions EXACTLY as salt does and allows you to experience food to its fullest extent.  Stop worrying about salt and start using No Worries No Salt!™ today.



No Worries! No Gluten!™

Gluten has been causing issues forever.  From Celiac Disease to arthritis, gluten’s ill effects are well known.  Until now, any product made with gluten-free flour was lifeless, dull, and resembled a brick.  


By adding No Worries! No Gluten!™ to your favorite gluten-free baking recipe, you will now be able to enjoy a high quality baked good.  No Worries! No Gluten!™ acts just like gluten and fulfills the role gluten plays in the baking process.  Rise, elasticity, and longevity are all increased, providing you with a baked good you can be proud of.  No Worries! No Gluten!™ has been specifically formulated to be healthy for you and will not cause any after effects like gluten and artificial dough extenders. If you are looking to enhance your baking experience, try No Worries! No Gluten!™ today!



No Worries!™ No Fat!™ Breading Enhancer

Sure, everyone loves fried foods but NO ONE likes all the health issues that go along with them.  That is why Capjem created No Worries! No Fat!™ Breading Enhancer.  Now everyone can enjoy crispy fried foods without the fat being absorbed by the food itself.  By mixing No Worries! No Fat!™ in with your favorite breading or batter mix, it acts as a food shield.  It allows your food to be fried by the fat without absorbing the fat.  No Worries! No Fat!™ Breading Enhancer makes the outside delightfully crispy and keeps the inside yummy and moist.  Finally, enjoy fried food without worrying about what it’s doing to your insides! 



Let’s all work together to become a healthier people and enjoy life as each of us deserves.



Homemade Remedies

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Capjem is proud to announce break-through research that has lead to a brand new service!

Alcohol Washing

Capjem is the only company in history to successfully develop a process of fat washing alcohol that literally cleans the alcohol of its impurities, yet maintains the integrity of the alcohol itself. 


The Damascus Process™ simply involves taking any quality of vodka or tequila for example and by way of a proprietary multi-step process, uses fat to remove the impurities that remain after distillation.  From here, it’s business as usual.  The alcohol is ready to be aged, flavored, directly bottled, mixed, etc.


For more information on the Damascus Process™ contact us directly.  Not only will it profitably impact the way you do business, you’ll never look at alcohol the same again.

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