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Botanics and Extractions

Extract Science Services

New Product Development, R&D, and Production Scale-Up

Product Development - Product Reformulations – Process and Technique Development – Shelf Life Extension – Food Safety/Food Quality - Scale Up


Product/Ingredient Development Assistance

Product Research and Development - Extract Reformulations - Process Cost and Efficiency Improvements - Product, Process, and Ingredient Integration Assistance


Preservation Program Development

Botanical Micro Protection Package Development, Process Improvements, Shelf Life Extensions


Wild Mushrooms

We love extracts! From developing products to producing dynamic flavors and anything in between, Capjem knows, understands, and does ANYTHING extracts.

Consider us Extract Geeks, Botanical Aficionados, or just plain plant crazy. From R&D for new products, micro control, to production scale-up activities, we are your one-stop shop for any extract you want.


No one in the world brings more experience and expertise in the development and production of extract products! 


Capjem has created an expert team of extract scientists that not only understand your botanic needs but also combine your needs with sound chemistry principles. This ensures all of our extract services are meant to “WOW”. We have years of experience on board to assist you with unique, innovative, and dynamic extract techniques/principles.

The largest and most prolific cosmetics and pharmaceutical organizations in the world routinely use Capjem as their secret weapon in botanical extractions in providing solutions to the impossible.

You will not find a company that cares, understands, and “gets” your systems better than Capjem. For anything botanical give us a call today!

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