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"Sweet" Solutions

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Not your ordinary sweetener solution! Capjem has revolutionized "Sweet" and developed a better than sweet solution for all of your product needs. Usable as an ingredient or a natural flavor, our sweet solutions perform exactly as sugar including mouthfeel, bulk, and browning. With virtually no calories, no net carbs, and no bitter aftertaste, our sweet solutions rival the performance of sugar. Our sweet solutions are customizable for your specific product requirements.

"Preservative" Solutions

Natural Herbs

Welcome to the Capjem R&D Store!


Each product has been created by our team of experts to ensure ultimate effectivity, ease of use, and safety. As always, Capjem's uncompromising quality standards and attention to detail allows us to offer you exceptional creations of unique and innovatively fresh products.

All products are developed, sourced, and manufactured proudly in the USA from the highest quality ingredients available throughout the world.

Don't see what you're after? Contact us to discuss how our R&D experts can work with you to support your initiatives.


Soap and Herbs

Why wait 4 weeks for your soap to cure? Capjem has developed a Quick-Cure solution resulting in a full soap cure in as little as 36 hours. In addition, our Quick-Cure allows the formulation of a harder bar of soap with considerably more lather than other soaps and a luxurious feeling like none other. All-natural ingredients that react fully during saponification provide a white label, no inclusion offering from Capjem. Quick-Cure in your product is a must!

Hokey Pokey Kitty

Green Eyed Cat

Offensive odors from the litter box is one of the biggest and most embarrassing problems facing cat owners today. With our extensive examination of urease enzymes, microorganisms, and pyruvic acid release from felines, Capjem has successfully developed an all-natural kitty litter odor-eliminator powder. This product extends the life of a litter box and eliminates ANY foul odors from being emitted. Very easy to use – just sprinkle after each litter box cleaning and Hokey Pokey Kitty will keep the litter completely odor free. It’s that simple! Hokey Pokey Kitty also reduces the harmful microorganisms lurking in their litter – keeping them safe and happy!

All of our products are compliant with the following schemes or certifications - Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, SQF, GFSI, Leaping Bunny, EFfCI, Natural, Food Grade, GMP, FDA, ISO 22716, Allergen Free, Hypoallergenic, Approved for use in Food Facilities

Looking for an all-natural preservative for products? Having developed all-natural systems for the largest flavor, fragrance, distilled spirits, and consumer product organizations in the world, our experts are the best in the field of effective product preservation. Our preservatives will not detract from flavor, taste, and fragrance your customers have come to love. All of our preservative solutions are customized and proprietary just for you!


Contact Capjem today and let’s talk preservatives!

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