Capjem is home to some of the world’s leading women in organoleptic abilities, specifically their sense of taste and smell. Based on real life use and experience, our ethnographic methodology is sure to have you on track to providing the best flavors or fragrances ever.

Don't let the success of your product depend upon your internal team’s interpretation and meaningless statistics. Work with the experts who have a tremendous track record on picking the right products for the right market. With the top combined fragrance and flavor sensory experts on our team, you can rest assured your product will be a huge success in the consumer marketplace.

Listed below are a few of the sensory services we proudly provide:

Sensory Services


  • Expert Sensory Analysis

  • Vendor and Customer Independent Dispute Mediation/Resolution

  • Product Fingerprinting

  • Product Preference Testing

  • Organoleptic Shelf Life Testing

  • Quality Control Monitoring

  • Sensory Training and Certification

  • Sensory Verification and Calibration

  • Consumer Panel Development and Focus Groups

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