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Suspect Something Say Something Hotline

Monitoring Room

Better and more effective than "See Something Say Something", our reporting hotline addresses security issues before they start.


Offered only by Capjem, Suspect Something Say Something allows employees to report suspicious events when they are made aware of an issue or become suspicious based on actions, social media, or negative talk.


Once an action item is reported to the hotline, our team of safety, security, HR, and food professionals spring into action investigating the activity and determining proper mitigation strategies.

Ease of Compliance

FSMA requires your food defense plan to include a risk-based vulnerability assessment and mitigation strategy. Your program must address internal intentional adulteration activities. The Suspect Something Say Something program by Capjem offers you a low-cost method to reduce the burden of compliance and ease your overall assessment and mitigation strategy development pain. By creating and employing environments of trust, ease of reporting methods, and cultural awareness initiatives, your defense program can better focus on external threats while properly controlling any inside activity and reducing your liability.


Multiple Reporting Platforms

Our EMERGENCY HOTLINE is staffed by food security professionals with significant HR experience. Available 24/7, this hotline allows your employees to report suspicious activity by leaving a message for non-emergency alerts or connecting with a live operator for urgent notification. We also offer WEB-BASED REPORTING through the Capjem website. Both options are confidential.


Employee Awareness Initiatives

Upon startup, you will receive flyers to post throughout your facility as well as include with your payroll advice forms. These flyers will provide all the details your employees need to effectively understand and utilize this system. On a quarterly basis, you will receive additional flyers to post and/or include with payroll. We will work with you to keep your employees continuously informed of the Hotline. 


Enhanced Training

When you subscribe to this service, you are then eligible to receive our enhanced training activities. Offered onsite or online, these training programs offer effective training for all different levels of your organization. Each training program has been specifically designed to reduce your overall security liability and ease the burden of FSMA compliance while at the same time helping to strengthen the food safety culture within your organization.

     Employee Awareness Training

This training focuses on our SSSS program and takes employees through an in-depth assessment of different situations and reporting opportunities. Conducted by our food safety/security experts, this training will lead to a better understanding of your employees' roles, responsibilities, and reporting efforts in food defense.

     Supervisor Training

Supervisors will be lead through an in-depth program of our Employee Awareness training with an emphasis on looking at behaviors and attitudes which may affect food safety within your facility. Supervisors will also learn about employee assessment techniques. 

     Manager Training

Our most comprehensive and in-depth awareness training program. Led by food safety, security, and HR experts, this program combines the two pieces of training described above and adds advanced employee assessment techniques and initiatives. Focused around the Capjem S.A.F.E. assessment, managers will learn how to properly assess employees from a behavioral perspective, drive a food safety culture within the organization, hold effective disciplinary meetings and/or terminations, and develop the skills to enhance your overall food defense effectiveness.


If you are looking for effective Employee Awareness and FSMA food defense compliance, Capjem is your only source


Remember - Suspect Something Say Something!



Suspect Something Say Something Hotline by Capjem

Call 888-223-6682 or Click Here

to report any Suspicious Activity

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