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Food & Beverage Safety, Quality, and Science

Fresh Cooking

The people at Capjem are passionate about our nation's food supply and will go to great lengths to ensure its quality and safety. When you work with us, you will witness true grit and determination along with an unbeatable pursuit of your food safety, quality, and R&D initiatives. It's in everyone's best interest to ensure a safe quality food for all of us.

Capjem clients have never received less than an 'Excellent" rating for any of their food audits under any scheme!

ISO 17025 Compliance Certification - SQF Update!

Effective May 24, 2021, as per the SQF 9.0 standard, your internal laboratories need to be complaint with the ISO 17025 code. The 17025 code is very daunting and proving compliance can be difficult. Capjem offers an ISO 17025 compliance certification which is not only SQF compliant but is very straightforward to implement. Our advisors have years of experience in leading and managing laboratories around the world. Give us a shout today and let our lab experts guide you on the Capjem path of ISO 17025 compliance.

Food & Beverage Services


GFSI Certification Assistance

SQF, BRC, FSSC 2200 - Gap Analysis, Internal Audits, Program Development, Certificates of Validation, Training

FSMA - FDA - USDA Compliance

Food Safety Plan establishment, review, verification, and audits - Sanitary Program design, implementations, and audits - SOP design, implementation, and standardization - Regulatory review and compliance including FDA and USDA - Pest Management Program establishment and audits - Lean Sanitation procedure implementation and training - Recall/Traceability program establishment and review - Environmental Monitoring Programs - Allergen Compliance Programs - Food Security/Defense Programs


GMP and GLP Establishment

Best Practices creation and audits - Process implementations - Cost reductions - Laboratory process creation and audits - Laboratory design - Laboratory process flow - Laboratory process audits - Equipment review and optimization - Facility Training and Training Effectiveness Review


Contamination and Outbreak Investigations

Recall Assistance and Investigation - Expert Witness Assistance - Process audits, Line and Process isolations - Compliance audit assistance - Laboratory methods and sampling review - Contamination Action Plan development - Outbreak determinations - Corrective action implementations



Taste and Flavor profiling - Shelf Life determinations - Quality Parameter establishment


Food Quality System

Process and Efficiency enhancements, Training, Quality System Audits, Lean initiatives, System determinations

R&D, Product Development and Enhancements

Product Development (Appetizers/Beverages/Desserts/Main/Snacks) - Product Reformulations – Process and Technique Development – Shelf Life Extension – Food Safety/Food Quality - Scale Up

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