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Food Security and Food Defense

Security Camera Video Surveillance

The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that each food facility prepare a Food Defense Plan and Vulnerability Assesment addressing food security issues including intentional adulteration activities.


Compliance with these food defense requirements can be a challenge for any organization. Our expertise in food science, food security, human resources, and organizational development allows us a unique perspective in developing, determining, and investigating food security issues within your facility.


A totally unique and original offering is our Capjem Food Security Hotline which provides an extremely low cost and amazing way to assist in food defense compliance while enhancing the food culture awareness of your organization. Click here for more information on the Capjem Hotline.

Food Defense/Security Services

Security Plan and Defense Program Development

FSMA Food Defense Plan Development and Implementation - Defense and Security Audits - Food Defense Consultations


Training Initiatives

Employee Awareness Training - Suspect Something Say Something Training - Supervisor Awareness and Disciplinary Training - Manager Behavior Profile SAFE Training 


Food Security Hotline

24/7 Suspect Something Say Something toll-free reporting hotline - email - website - anonymous- confidential - investigations


Food Security and International Adulteration Investigations

Onsite through root cause investigations of food defense security and intentional adulteration events 

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