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R&D and Product Development

R&D and Product Development Services

New Product Development, R&D, and Production Scale-Up

Product Development (Appetizers/Beverages/Desserts/Main/Snacks) - Product Reformulations – Process and Technique Development – Shelf Life Extension – Food Safety/Food Quality - Scale Up


Product/Ingredient Development Assistance

Product Research and Development - Ingredient Reformulations - Process Cost and Efficiency Improvements - Product, Process, and Ingredient Integration Assistance

Regulatory and Labelling Assistance

Food Safety Services - FDA and USDA, Nutritional information, Label creation and development

Organoleptic, Umami, and Taste Development/Profiling

Taste, Flavor, and Fragrance Development - Organoleptic Profiling -  Flavor Profiling


Sustainability and Healthy Product Program Development

Sustainable Food Techniques, Processes, and Initiatives - Healthy Product Formulations - Sourcing

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Everything from Concept to Commercialization

Many of the largest food, beverage, and consumer product companies around the world trust and work with Capjem to nurture and fine-tune their products. It is quite common for our experts to quickly solve development issues that have perplexed other R&D firms.


We are rooted deeply in the manufacturing industry and combined with our strength and knowledge of food safety and quality, we know and understand what it takes to develop a product with cost, efficiencies, and commercialization in mind.

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